Regardless if you’re a teacher, a lawyer, a yoga instructor, or a fashion blogger, all of us should own some elegant clothes to wear to an important meeting with a client or a business event. While some people have to make the choice between elegant and more elegant everyday; others do it once a year, yet it’s always good to be prepared. What elegant items should you definitely own? Check them out below! 😉


You’ll surely not wear it only to work. In a more glamour version (set with a jewel necklace and a sexy red mini dress) it’ll be perfect to attend a party in. When instead of a dress you decide to wear pegs and sneakers you’ll be ready for a Saturday boutique trip. It’s absolutely universal and timeless. How will you know that a jacket is worth its price? Let’s start from the beginning. You like this amazing emerald one in one of your favorite stores. You take it off the hanger and try it on. Check how it looks on your shoulders. The seams should be exactly at their ends. If you’re slim, you can go for shoulder pads. Take a look at the sleeves. Aren’t they too short? Or maybe they’re too long? They should reach up to the bones of your wrists and when you wear a shirt, only 1 cm of the sleeve should be visible. And the seams? Are they all even with no weird zig zags or anything? Button the jacket. Is the waist slightly accentuated? That’s great, you’ve got a new jacket! 😉

1. JACKET Dorothy Perkins | 2. JACKET Esprit | 3. JACKET Minimum | 4. JACKET Topshop


It should have a decent cleavage, revealing exactly as much as it should, without showing the bust. Leave the more brave dresses for dates and parties. A business dress should, above all, be of appropriate length. If your legs are beautiful, the dress can reach your knee. Neither a mini nor a maxi dresses are elegant. The perfect dress for work? A pencil one. It looks best worn by girls of body shape X, F, H, and A. Os should go for loose dresses, fitted under the bust, and tall Is should wear a different color on their top and bottom (like, for example white at the top, and burgundy at the bottom).

1. DRESS Karen Millen | 2. DRESS Closet | 3. DRESS Kiomi | 4. DRESS Warehouse
5. DRESS Ralph Lauren


Most people associate elegance with a white shirt. Well, OK, as long as you team it with fuchsia cigarette pants, a colorful neckerchief and a strong lipstick. Life’s too short to wear white shirts only, so I recommend all shades of the rainbow! Combine a floral one with navy pants or a bottle green one with an orange pencil skirt. Above all, make sure the color matches your complexion, hair and seasonal color type. Cool delicate blondes look great in pastels, gingerheads in orange and yellow, brunettes in strong pink, cobalt and red.


A total evergreen. It’s universal – works for ladies of figure type X, A and F and looks great with a shirt inside. If you’re an H or an I, you’ll also look good wearing it, provided you accentuate the waist with a darker belt. O-shaped ladies should wear their blouses on top, to make sure to mask their bellies. If you’re a Y, reach for pencil dresses with attached pockets or ruffles below the waist. If you’re heading to the office, go for stilettos, yet if you’re heading out, you can easily opt for flats. They’ll give you a nonchalant Parisian chic look 😉 A bit of golden red on the lips will be a little icing on the cake 😉

1. SKIRT bonprix | 2. SKIRT bonprix | 3. SKIRT Samsoe&Samsoe | 4. SKIRT SH
5. SKIRT Missguided


Creased pants are totally elegant and make your legs look slimmer. If you want to stun everyone, wear straight, a bit wider pants that cover the heels – it’ll immediately make you seem a few inches taller and… a few pounds lighter 😉 It’s the perfect option for A-shaped girls, whose bottom part of the body is a bit bigger. If your legs are simply perfect, you can accentuate them with cigarette pants. If, just like Alexa Chung, you have long and slim ankles, go for low waist traousers.

1. PANTS Banana Republic | 2. PANTS Dorothy Perkins | 3. PANTS Dorothy Perkins
4. PANTS Dorothy Perkins


A decent one meaning the best one you can afford. It doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it’s better to get a nice one than another pair of pants that you won’t wear. We all know that accessories are crucial, as they make our looks unforgettable. Think out of the box, look in places you usually don’t go to. It can be a chainstore, of course, but wouldn’t it be nice to find a gem at a young designer’s store, or in a small company that is just starting their business looking for financing on Kickstarter? Take a look at what the vintage department on allegro has to offer (old Omegas are totally amazing) or take a walk to the local flea market. I also recommend, as it’s popular among alternative designers from all over the world.



If you have a job which requires you to wear flawless outfits and accessories, go for a classic and minimalistic purse. Despite everything, I recommend to run as far away from black as possible 😉 I’d go for white, red, aubergine, or cherry instead. Pure chic and elegance! You don’t have to be all strict about the dress code? That’s great! Go crazy 😉 How about pink with sequins or Aztec patterns? 😉 Remember that your laptop case also needs to be practical. Look for those made out of a thick fabric (in case of an accident, the computer won’t break) with pockets inside.

1. PURSE Farbotka | 2. PURSE Equipo | 3. PURSE Desiqual | 4. WATCH Michael Kors
5. WATCH Michael Kors | 
6. WATCH Marc Jacobs | 7. WATCH Karl Lagerfeld