Celebrities keep resigning from the services of their make-up artists, and Instagram is ruled by… #nomakeup. Girls share their after workout pics and #iwokeuplikethis selfies. How come they still look so great? A proper filter is only a final touch. Check out my secret tricks and learn how to expose your true beauty!


A model and actress, Rosie Huntington-Witheley loves publishing her o make-up pics, and it’s been a year since Alicia Keys publically announced that she’s resigning from wearing make-up at all. While Kim Kardashian keeps promoting the perfect face contouring, more and more girls stop feeling the need of… applying make-up at all! We’re not ashamed of showing our sleepy face without even a splash of blush, and #nomakeup totally RULES Instagram (it’s been used over 14,5 million times already)! Some girls resign from wearing make-up due to their healthy lifestyle (they admit that removing their mascara before gym is a total nightmare), like the raw Scandinavian look or are fans of the Korean beauty care trend, whereas others treat it as a social activist matter.


One thing’s for sure – celebrities who share their no make-up selfies usually look simply gorgeous. And despite what mean people say – it’s not owing to a skilled graphic designer 😉 Read on to find out their tricks, and you’ll also look great without make-up, regardless if you’re resigning from applying it because of your style, or because you’re heading out on a date or in the pool 😉 Let me make it clear: with or without make-up, we still all want to look good 😉



We should learn how to care for our skin from Asian women – they spend much more time caring for their skin than we do and treat make-up as a way to accentuate their beauty, not to mask their flaws. Since I started caring for my skin, it started looking way better 😉 Before I have a photoshoot I don’t need multiple layers of foundations, as my skin glows and its color is even. I use natural oils to cleanse it, olive oil, for example (watch this vlog to find out how I do it) and apply Korean masks in the evening (check my favorite Korean cosmetics HERE). Regular scrubs also guarantee a flawless complexion!


If you want your face to be flawless without using a concealer, highlighter and foundation, don’t forget about… massaging it 😉 Before you leave home improve your blood circulation by patting your face – it’ll even out the color of your skin 😉 I massage my face also when I remove my make-up in the evening 😉 My secret tip right before I have a picture taken? Squeeze your cheeks and pat your skin. You’ll look as if you’ve just applied some blush 😀


If you want to look great without any make-up on, these two cosmetics are a total BASE. Deep moisturizing and proper highlighting will get you… an Instagram filter-like look! 😀 Go for a good moisturizer or a highlighting formula which scatters light, making the shade of your skin more even and masking minor discolorations or shades getting you ready for pictures in just 5 minutes after you wake up 😉 I can totally recommend the Shiseido formula which I use myself, this Evree cream and this invigorating Erborian cream.


The newest products nourish your skin in a way that you can easily resign from applying colorful cosmetics – even if you’re dealing with imperfections 😉 If you have couperose skin, reach for special cream to neutralize the irritations, like THIS one. If you fight minor wrinkles, go for a cream or a base that’ll “fill” them, making your skin visibly elastic (I recommend THIS one). A pink cream-concealer is the best option for shadows under the eyes (like this one, which can be purchased in a drugstore). If your skin keeps being shiny, instead of applying another layer of foundation, go for special mattifying papers or a bit of mattifying cream (be careful, though, as if you use too much, it might clog your pores).


Asked what, apart from their skin, they care most for, all celebrities unanimously admit: their eyebrows and eyelashes, as they’re responsible for the way one looks without make-up! 😉 Long thick and curled eyelashes don’t need mascara to make your eyes look perfect. To get the perfect look, you can rub castor oil or a special serum (like this one) into your eyelashes everyday, or get some extensions (like I did, for example). If you want your face to seem cared for, don’t forget about your brows. Make sure they have a proper shape (check the mistakes you can make while styling your brows), brush them and use some hairstyling cosmetic to make sure they don’t get messed up during the day. You can also visit a beauty salon and have your brows done professionally. Don’t forget about your lips – use some scrub before you leave home (I recommend the sugar one – you can do it at home ;)) and moisturize them afterwards 😉


Healthy and shiny hair – the synonym of beauty. It’ll let you create the perfect look, even if you’re on holiday and feel like taking a break from wearing make-up. Pick the perfect haircolor (take a look at my article about seasonal color types and find out which color suits you best) and the hairstyle that matches the shape of your face. Surfer waves, a smooth ponytail, a superhot long bob, or supergirly curls will be best at accentuating your beauty and will assure everyone around that you might not be wearing make-up, but you still care what you look like 😉


Repeat these words everyday, so that it becomes a habit of yours 😉 A glowing face looks 100 times better than a gloomy one. Remember about it when you’re not wearing make-up and want to make an impression. When he looks at you right after you’ve woke up, for example 😀