We should all pay attention to details, as they can spoil even the best look. Sometimes it’s improperly fitted lingerie, or too little clothes. What else? See for yourself. My today’s article is dedicated to plus size girls.


Not all sizes are equal. You can be a 10 in one store and a 14 in a different one. How to avoid getting something that doesn’t fit? You should simply use… the fitting room 😀 Don’t be scared of getting a bigger size than usual. Make sure that the parts of your body that you’d rather not show stay hidden under thicker fabrics. Ladies whose figure type is an O should wear loose cotton shirts that mask the belly – As – jeans pants, and Ys jackets with loose scarf-like collars. If you don’t know which letter you are, take my quiz. Remember to skillfully accentuate your assets. If your cleavage is nice – show it, but cover your knees at the same time. If you decide to show your legs, resign from exposing your bust. Read this article and find out how to accentuate your looks with class.


There’s that wrong belief that black makes you look slimmer. OK, maybe a bit, but it also accentuates the contours of the figure making all the imperfections even more visible. It’s better to go for navy or grey. Try to make your outfit a bit more lively, though. Don’t opt for basic dark colors only. Liven them up with colorful sweaters and scarves. Take a look at Nigella Lawson. Black is totally her color, as she’s a seasonal winter, and still it’s pink, red and green that take the green out of her eyes. Let me give you one more tip – wear strong colors on those parts of your body that you’d want others to spot. It’ll draw attention away from your imperfections and make people notice your assets. If you have a nice cleavage – wear colorful necklaces, if your legs are nice – go for colorful dresses and accentuate your waist with a golden belt 😉 Read my article on combining colors and become a color ninja! 😉


Big patterns make us look bigger, so wear them on those parts of the body that you want to make bigger. When it comes to small patterns – you whould wear them eagerly! They won’t do you harm – quite the opposite – you’ll look way more fresh! Just imagine an amazing floral skirt or a polka dot shirt (with some red lipstick on your lips)! You can combine patterns with plain clothes and I guarantee you – you’ll look totally amazing! You can read more about combining patterns here.


You think I’m exaggerating? Heels are heels? Let me prove they’re not 😉 They need to be chosen according to the shape of your legs – calves especially. Girls who wear sizes 14 and bigger have usually very slim and nice legs. We have to make use of that and accentuate the leg with a classic not too high stiletto heel (5-8cm). I guarantee you – you’ll be totally successful! If your legs are more athletic – Britney Spears-like, for example – thicker cone heels will be a better option. You can also go for platforms. If your legs are bigger and have a tendency to swell – you can go for wedges, which will make them look totally more fresh (a floral maxi dress and platform sandals are the perfect combination).


Plus size girls often buy too big clothes. There’s totally no chance that someone will spot you if you hide behind a thick fluffy sweater. Great, but it’s so soft and hard to let go of! Love your body and care for it everyday. Check my homemade coffee body scrub after which the skin feels perfectly smooth, a healthy diet rich in fruit, nuts, fish, and exercises (like long walks). It’ll make you feel better with yourself. You just need to accentuate your assents, and that’s all: a nice waist with a colorful belt, a bust with a deep cleavage, and a bit of highlighter on your collarbones, nice legs with patterned tights. Remember – you’re beautiful, don’t hide it! 😉


Noone looks as good in lavish jewelry as plus size girls. Make use of that! Wear it everyday! Jeans and a white shirt will simply look boring, but if you wear them with a shiny jewel necklace and jingling bracelets on your wrists, you’ll totally shine 😉 Accessories are not only about jewelry. A turban will be a great idea, as it’s original and unique. I like it as you almost can’t feel it on the head, it is not as disturbing as bracelets and rings might seem for some people, and still makes a great impression. And it’s a perfect solution for a so-called bad-hair day 😀 Check out my turban tutorial HERE 😉


Well, lingerie should stay underneath your clothes, unless, you want to show it on purpose. I’m talking about situations when you don’t want it to play the first fiddle. If you’re wearing a tight dress – go for seamless panties. They won’t be visible underneath your clothes. You can get them here, for example. When you choose your bra, make sure your bust fits into the cups – it shouldn’t be squeezed. The part of the bra that combines the cups needs to fit your body in a way you could put one finger underneath. You’ll read more on choosing the right outfit for a small and a big bust here 😉