Prom’s just round the corner – time to repeat the basic prom savoir-vivre. Let yourself be remembered as a girl with class, not the one who won a drinking competition 😉 Read on!


If you want to become doubtfully famous there’s nothing more simple – just get terribly drunk in front of everyone, talk bullshit in front of your teachers and stumble over your own feet. Well. I’m faithful to the rule that a person is allowed to do everything, yet in the right place and right time 😉 Don’t pretend that princesses never drink alcohol. That’s not true. That’s what makes them different from “regular people” – they know when to stop and know that what’s allowed in a club doesn’t necessarily need to be acceptable at school. Keep it classy, and if you feel like having a drink – arrange a meeting next week 😉


Another way to be remembered is fighting with the teachers; especially if you’ve had something to drink. Unfortunately – you have to be aware that it’s a short way to get yourself in trouble, which might result in getting you suspended, or even kicked out of school. That’s why you’d probably rather stay calm – don’t let others provoke you, and don’t take part in a fight started by your drunken friends. Keep it cool – even if you’d like to tell your Math teacher what you think of her teaching methods, leave this information exclusive for your friends. Prom isn’t the best moment to let your frustrations out.

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Unfortunately, this also happens quite often. I believe that as my reader you’ll know what to wear and how to do your make-up to keep it chic 😉 The main rule: pick the right dress for the occasion. Remember that prom isn’t a club, so a too short mini, too many sequins, too high heels, and a too strong make-up are simply out of place. Try to look like a celebrity on an Oscar gala – be delicate in your elegance and leave others breathless when they see you.

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Even though you’ll probably be completing your perfect prom look up to the very last moment, don’t get the shoes last minute. You might be surprised how much blisters can hurt. If you spend money on stilettos, you don’t want them to lie under the table, right? 😉 It’s better to go for a tested pair than to risk. My method is to wear the shoes at home first, so that my foot “gets to know them”. If you fear that you’ll have to change shoes during the party, take a look at my article in which I reveal my magical tricks to dance through the whole night without changing your heels.


Be sure to pick the right partner to go to prom with. Don’t go with a guy from an ad – he might get drunk or disappear after an hour. If you’re going with your boyfriend, and you’re not on speaking terms, make sure to make up before the event. Your fights will make everyone irritated. Make sure your partner is prepared for the occasion – has clean shoes, brushes his hair and irons his suit – you’ll be a great couple! 😉


Even if it’s already clear that taking your friend to prom was a serious mistake – don’t ignore him. If he’s glued to his chair or keeps playing games on his phone while you’re having fun with your friends, you should totally try to entertain him. Make sure the person whom you’ve asked to accompany you also has fun and enjoys themselves.


Unfortunately, it’s a very common problem. Looking for fame and likes, people tend to forget the basic rules. Recording snaps and Instagram stories that your friends might not like is a very bad habit. If your friend got drunk or tore her dress – don’t use it. Take nice pics, and before posting them ask the people who are in them for permission to publish them. No, I’m not exaggerating. It’s pure empathy and good manners 😉 I think you wouldn’t want to find your red-face all around Facebook the next day 😉 You’ll read HERE how to pose for pictures 😉

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5. SANDALS Aldo | 6. STILETTOS Maro Tozzi | 7. STILETTOS Jessica Simpson 


Even if you have a sharp tongue and your friends like it about you, try to hold on with criticizing everything at your prom. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; everyone wants to feel special and remember it in a nice way. Stupid comments about your friends’ dresses? Totally not acceptable, as they’ll only spoil their evening. Criticizing the place, the food, the music is also not a good idea. Try to smile instead – even if not everything is perfectly organized.


Just like in case of any other elegant situation, when you’re seated by the table, make sure you know how to behave. I don’t mean applying all the sophisticated savoir-vivre rules, which are hard to remember even for princesses 😉 It’s the basics that count: try not to slurp, play with food. Keep your elbows by your body. What’s important – try to avoid reaching for your phone every other second. Don’t shout. Well – be a lady! 😉

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Let me say it once again: prom is not a regular party. It’s a school ball with special traditions. Respecting them creates the unique atmosphere. Don’t moan that you have to dance, don’t treat the traditional pictures as something terribly stupid. Take part in all the tasks, even if, like in some schools, it requires you to jump on one leg around a monument. Prom happens once in a lifetime – be aware of that! There’re so many regular dances yet to come; make this one special!


Remember that prom is usually thrown at school and therefore not everything’s allowed. You’re watched by your teachers, friends, and their families – try to behave your best, and you’ll be remembered as a role model. That’s what being a real princess is all about! 😉