from the top: 1/ Every place is good to pratice yoga 😉 2/ Dancing under the Eiffel Tower – this is where I belong! 3/ Every view looks like from „Amelie” movie; 4/ Hot summer welcomes me at Paris; 5/ I wish they have such delicious foie gras salad in Poland! 
6/ Visiting Louvre for the first time turned out to be the great adventure; 7/ Just got portrayed by the mysterious gentleman – Paris is full of surprises! 8/ Even heavy rain did not stop me from seeing the Notre Dame cathedral; 9/ Trapped in vintage heaven 😀 10/ Here is the famous Eiffel Tower! 
11/ Having a coffee in very parisian style – every moring should start like this! 
12/ My travel esssentials: Sabrina Pilewicz bag & H&M; pants & shoes via Sarenza; 13/ Feeling like a colorful butterfly in my Choies dress; 14/ Gloomy but still beautiful Paris; 15/ And this is how the enormous line to the Mona Lisa looked like from the my side…
16/ Most lovely sweets I have ever seen – j’ adore Paris! 😀 17/ Having a jolly time at Louvre Museum; 18/ I was just thinking… Can I take it home?;) 19/ Visiting some interesting shops in Choies dress; 20/ Another amazing view – viva la France!
21/ Going totally crazy about Moulin Rouge 22/ My first (and definitely not last) mules; 
23/ Paris is always a good idea! 24/ Everythings reminds „Hunchback of Notre Dame” movie
25/ I wish I could rent a room in Louvre Museum ! 26/ Endless joy after very successful shopping 😀 27/ Where the childhood dreams come true – say hi to Disneyland! 28/  I did it! Triumph at the top of the Eiffel Tower 😉