from the top: 1/ Testing new awesome hairstyle 😉 2/ Checking out Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – today is all about lipsticks! Lavender nails by Nail Spa
3/ Tropics on a plate in Der Elefant. Yumms! 4/ Keep it it, Macademian! ;D
5/ Whole Disneyland enclosed in a snow ball – how awesome is that? ;D 6/ Lovely sunshine in lovely Warsaw; 7/ Nail Spa nails & goodnight essencials. Someone called for Sleeping Beauty? 😉
8/ Trains like this – only in Paris! 9/ Beet smoothie today…Bottoms up!
10/ Showing my true colours – always happy, always fluo! Wearing River Island bracelets & Sarenza sandals; 11/ Couldn’t decide which colour to choose…Say hi to my new babies! 12/ Flower has the power! Wearing Expose Akcesoria headband